Beyoncé has been dissected by social media more than a frog in a biology class in a eighties teen movie.   Advertisements

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The buzz of a bee or the buzz of an utility pole. I saw a woman with a blond ponytail riding a lime green bike this morning.

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Pollen Puddles

The faint yellow color that has descended on cars, sidewalks, and mailboxes is pollen. It might as well be spring, and it is barely mid-February. It rained here today, so there pollen puddles all over Savannah. It’s Monday. I have so many things to do. Writing daily has to happen. Something insightful may come from […]

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I Found An Old Blog

I am back on my old shit which means I am back blogging.  You can read my personal finance/small business/ taxes stuff on my blog, Keeping Nickels.  I am also posting on Cupcakes Take The Cake.  I am six dollars worth of traffic from getting a $100 sent to me from Google AdSense, so go […]

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Quoted in Savannah

I am lucky enough to be quoted in two recent articles about Savannah businesses. The Soul of Savannah by Kira Tiana for Marriott’s traveler site. Google My Business Just Made Online Discovery Easier For 2.5 Million ‘Veteran-Led’ Brick-And-Mortar Businesses by David Kaplan for Geomarketing.

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Less Things

Writing everyday is hard for me. It should not be.  I have to develop a routine, a ritual. I was raised Catholic, but I rarely perform rituals on a daily basis.  I  saw this cracked tablet on the sidewalk today, and I decided to use it as a writing prompt.  I wish I didn’t see […]

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It’s A Crime To Kidnap Kids

The news cycle moves on to the new news so fast.  It’s frustrating.  Yesterday, I was in a coffee shop, and I just got emotional thinking about the child separation crisis happening at the border.  I started tweeting about it, and here’s the thread. The kid separation happening right now is not a small thing. […]

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